I would like to announce that…

…my website is moving away soon!

I feel like I grew out of being only ‘Green Beauty’ since my journey on sustainable living continued and I learnt a lot along the way. I went from extreme brainless consumer to crazy no-hair-wash hippy just to really find my true self in the middle.


It is hard to make a 180 turn and try not to stress out meanwhile. Maybe we only need 90 degrees. That is what I needed for sure. Or just one step at the time…

Along the way of learning how to create less waste, reconnect with nature and be as ethical as I can be, I also learnt how to be unapologetically me, find gratitude even in the darkest hours and most importantly to be honest with myself and follow my heart. This motivated me to the change everything I made so far so I have much more creative space for self-expression. Sounds cheesy, right? (May these words resonates on different levels!)

I enjoy sharing what I learn, experience or create, even if only one of you can relate, benefit from it or just to make you smile. All the hard work worth it than!

So I invite you to join me wherever my journey continues *** all I can promise is that whatever I will be sharing comes from the bottom of my heart!




My cute mini bag is Calvin Klein, I got it from Depop lately. I’m so into this app and it is addictive. I warned you!

I am the biggest fan of almost uselessly tiny bags! I have quite a few of them.

I took a close-up of my makeup but I didn’t like it, also you can see it really well on my ootd pics too. It is easy as it is.

  • Foundation and powder: Saint Cosmetics
  • Eyes: Liquid eyeliner from ZuzuLuxe, black eyepencil from Couleur Caramel so as the black eyeshadow I applied to the top
  • Bronzer: Inika duo eyeshadow
  • Lipstick: Benecos
  • Mascara: Fitglow

And not more! I hate cakey-clown makeup that is so popular in the past years and I am not willing to do any of those for myself nor to any of my clients.

Thank you all for being so supportive and loving! You guys rock!




Ps. IΒ  lost my balance and I was actually falling meanwhile this picture and somehow my glasses fall on my face perfectly so it looks like it was made to be like this :Ppppp MAGIC.


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