7 Tips to No Waste Grocery Shopping

Transitioning more and more into waste free living is actually a lot of fun!

Seeing some friends trying hard, struggling and eventually failing motivated me to write this post for you. My tips are easy, stress free and you saying ‘zero-waste life is expensive’ is not a good excuse anymore!

#1 do not overstress it!

Don’t be guilty if you can’t find alternatives for your favorite products yet. It will come in time!

#2 discover your neighborhood

Sometimes the cheapest stores doesn’t have a website, nor some small farmer’s market.

#3 buy in bulk

Bulk stores are a great option for 2 reasons. One, you can bring your own reusable bag, two, they are usually way cheaper since you don’t pay for the ‘brand’ and/or the packaging.

#4 plan ahead

Plan your meal for the week. It gives you time to think about how to avoid food packaging and also you save sooo much money!

#5 prepare for the lifestyle change

Buy cute looking shopping tote bags, cool metal bento boxes, reusable cloth bags with fun pattern and anyways, you know everything looks great in mason jars.

#6 keep yourself motivated

Follow instagrams in this topic, save pins on pinterest, challange your friends to join you, find facebook groups…

#7 shop once a week

It helps you be prepared so you won’t forget cloth nags and jars at home, also it keeps you from impulse shopping and you save on has too!


Let me know what is your best trick for zero waste shopping!



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