Outfit and Makeup of the week #8

I’m a little bit behind with my weekly share of outfit and makeup look, but here is a new one!

So, I had a Britney meltdown 2007 and I needed some time to recreate my life. Because you know, if you don’t like what you created, than it’s time to create a new one! I told at my job I quit, I bought 3 plane tickets and will be traveling soon and I decided to pull through my hormone therapy to help heal my endometriosis. If you have ever received hormone therapy, you know how a freaking shitshow it is… All my respect to those who have done it!!!!

Enough excuses now. Let me show you what I have rocked on the warmest sunniest day of the week!


  • Shoes: Desigual
  • Bag: Armani Exchange
  • Dress: Hollister
  • Sunnies: Moschino

None of these are ethical or sustainable brands, but I obviously won’t throw out all my clothes I bought before I realized how cruel is the fashion industry. I belive buying less is also crucial part of being sustainable, so I always liked purchasing one really good quality piece instead of buying 10 fast fashion ones.

All Organic + Cruelty-Free Makeup:

  • Foundation: Vapour stick(gift from my amazing friend at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop)
  • Eyes, blush, eyebrows: gift from Elate Cosmetics. I created my own palette and been using it often. You can create your own palette too! It’s so much fun! I already posted a picture of mine on my instagram.
  • Lipstick: Nu Evolution
  • Lashes: FitGlow Beauty



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