Photos of my wedding photoshoot with Marie-Jade

Hi my Beloved Reader!

I’m writing this article from Barcelona, from a little organic cafe. I just arrived this morning and I have to tell you, this city feels like home. I walk around like I would live here since I was born, I don’t need a map or guide I just intuitively find everything. The moment I saw the city from the plane I burst out in tears because something deep down shifted (as it happens everytime I come back here). What an experience! Or maybe I’m just too sensitive from jetleg…

Anyways, I decided to share with you more pictures on the wedding photoshoot I did with Marie-Jade and Um Salon in the Botanical Garden before I would spam you with it on the ‘gram.

Here are my favourite pictures:

Photographer: Marie-Jade Morneau

Bride: Csilla Panka Kiss

Dress: UM Studio

MUA: Mademoiselle Panka Organic Makeup Artist

Flowers: Hellébore Créations Florales

Jewellery: Sheena Jewellery

Oh, and about Barcelona… I will share my first Youtube video about it 😉

Have a beautiful day!



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