Ungalli Clothing

It is always a pleasure to introduce you brands who serves Mother Earth and her children, like Ungalli does.

But how can a clothing brand do that? I’ll tell you!

‘I just want to save the bees, plant trees and protect our seas.’ – brought my Ungalli tee to Portugalia with me

Ungalli clothing’s fabrics are made out of recycled plastic bottles as well as organic cotton.  The recycled polyester they use helps reduce plastic pollution, water, petroleum and carbon-dioxide use. Here are the exact stats from their website:

‘*One Ungalli recycled t-shirt saves approximately 10 plastic bottles from landfill.
*It takes 2720 litres of water to make a traditional t-shirt (the amount most of us drink over the course
of three years). Every Ungalli tee saves a whopping 2695 litres of water by only using 25 litres in production.
*By using a small production radius, each shirt saves approximately 2 litres of petroleum and reduces carbon dioxide output by 12 kilograms.’

rocking my Ungalli hoodie at YUL airport

And that is not all ladies and gents! Their clothes are also made ethically, as they are designed and manufactured in Canada. #nosweatshopsFyeaaaah

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
‘Never forget where your voyage started’ hoodie keeps me warm wherever I am (ordered a bigger one so I can hide in it, like it’s a boyfriend hoodie)

I am a person of stats, I truly love doing researches and read studies on everything and on their website, when I chose a piece of clothing it tells me the impact of it on the world. For example, my jogger, you can see me wearing it a lot on my travel pictures like the one below, saves 115 days of drinking water, 19 hours of bulb energy, 27 plastic bottles from ending up on a landfill or in the ocean. And every piece you click on will tell you. Being ethical and sustainable never been this exciting before, right?

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Ungalli from bottom to top at Budapest Airport (i always dress super warm for the plane because they tend to freeze me with blasting the AC)

Last but not least, I would like to give a big shout-out to the female founders of Ungalli, to be powerful creators of change, to be in service of nature, inspire others and the lead the ways for other women to dream big. Thank you! A big heartfelt thank you!

Now who’s ready for an eco revolution? HANDS IN THE AIR! 



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