5+1 easy ways to create less waste

The amount of information on becoming more sustainable can be really overwhelming and discouraging too. Just like in everything, in this too, society is trying to pressure you that it is not enough what you’re doing.

Let me tell you something before we dive into anything! Never let anyone tell negative things about your evolution and growth. There is no ‘good way’ of changing your life and habits. Follow your own pace and be your own guide. This list that I’m writing you meant to be fun, easy, but helpful along your journey. So let’s create a better tomorrow together with ease and joy!

1)Think Twice!

I can’t even count it on my two hands how many times I bought something that I absolutely don’t need and never used it afterwards. Where did these items end up? Hopefully at the recycling centre, but some of them unfortunately on the landfill…

2)Bring your own bag!

I always have a tiny foldable backpack in my bag, that costed me 2.49$. But you can purchase some other fun ones, like bags you can fold back into a shape of a strawberry. These bags doesn’t really take space from your bag, so you can easily keep them on you. Mine looks like this:

photo source: Decathlon


Make sure you read your town’s recycling policy and act accordingly. If you can’t find any information about the correct way to recycle in your neighbourhood just call the town’s office. It takes maximum 5 minutes from your life to make sure what you throw in your bin will be correctly recycled.

Click to read Montreal’s household recycling tips.

4)Eat locally grown food!

It reduces climate change impact, you create more jobs in your area, the quality of the food is better because they don’t have to harvest when it’s still completely unripe and you support the local economy too!

photo source: Pinterest

5)Change your clothing shopping habits!

Clothing industry is the second most pollutant after oil… No words! But since we still need clothes and we can’t avoid buying them here are a few alternative options to make your shopping less wasteful:

-buy clothes secondhand. I love thrift stores and usually spend 2 hours there. Not only it’s inexpensive, but you give a fabric a second life.

-support ethical and sustainable fashion brands

-become a minimalist

-invest in quality items. It may seem like it costs you 2-3 times more than commercial fashion items but they last for ages!

-Swap with your friends! My favourite clothes are the ones I got from the friends. Everytime I wear them I think about them and it fills my heart with love. I love and appreciate these pieces the most!

-Repair if needed. There are easy ways to repair your clothes at home but you can bring it to a seamstress too. They are usually local sweetheart ladies who are trying to earn a living independently. The lady I usually go see is the best! We only have french language in common and both of us are having a hard time with it, but we still have a blast talking (and signing) to eachother.

photo source: pinterest

+1 encourage your family and friends to follow your sustainable journey!

It is fun to share your experience and knowledge with he ones around you and get them more involved in your interests. It’s also a good way to bond more.

I created a facebook group, called ZWTribe, it stands for Zero Waste Tribe. It is a small group and we can all share our knowledge or interesting videos and articles that we would like to share with eachother. Come join our conversation here!



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