My ‘clean beauty’ pedicure routine using Legendary Apothecary – Smooth feet (+discount code!)

Hi Guys!

I know it’s not sandal time anymore and you might stop caring about your feet. If no one can see, who cares, right?! WRONG!

Foot care is not just about the look. Yes, it is great to have a good old pedi and flashy summer colour toe nails (I love cherry red), but just remember how many things we can thank to our feet. First and foremost, they bring you wherever you have to go every single day. Be grateful for their work and give them a little bit more love. The health of your feet can affect your health overall. One forth of all of your bones can be find in your feet. 60 joints. 200 muscles. Do you see where I’m going with this?

It is essential to start to take better care of your feet. Wear the right shoes. Wear organic cotton or bamboo socks. Always wash it and dry it thoroughly. Take care of your nails. Never ever neglect a toenail injury or an infection! Always use clean tools when you do pedicure. If you desire to apply nail polish, go with ‘8-free’ ones or more. Add feet massage to your night time routine.

(If you have diabetes it is especially important to take real good care of your feet and get them checked 1-2 times a year!)

I don’t know if you guys remember, I was looking for amazing feet care products at the beginning of summer and I asked for your recommendations. Well, I have find The One finally that I’ve been using eversince. Thank you for all your responses and sharing your favourite product with me!

I chose Legendary Apothecary not only because of their organic, cruelty-free ingredients, because of the way they see the world. I’m quoting them: ‘We wanted to build a brand that treated everyone and everything it touched, with KINDness.’ Can everyone be like this please?

Smooth Feet comes from their family recipe that is a century-old and it works like magic!

I have a 15% off code for you that you can use until December 31. All you have to do go to their website and at the checkout just type: Panka15

Did I mention that my oil came in a package that contains no unnecessary plastic wrapping? So cool!

Here is my natural home pedicure routine:

I usually have a self-care day once a week, not always the same day, but it usually takes place Sunday or Monday.

I soak my feet to soften the skin and the toenails. I like soaking them in epsom salt. Magnesium absorbs easier through your skin than taking it internally. So I give them a good 15 mins soak, sometimes I add lavender essential oil for it’s calming and antioxidant benefits.

I wash them with soap than brush them paying particular attention to the nails and under them.

I file my feet to improve blood circulation and remove dead skin.

I cut my toenails with clean tools. I clean my nail clipper with rubbing alcohol before using it. And I trim my hangnails if needed with a good pair of scissor.

I use Legendary Apothecary – Smooth feet oil to soften my cuticles, I gently push them back with a spoon pusher and remove them if needed using the other side of my tool.

I give a loving massage to my feet with Legendary Apothecary – Smooth feet oil. I use some pressure points to relax even more, that I learnt from my reflexologist. By this time my eyes are slowly closing and ready to have a great night sleep while my feet absorbs this beautiful oil.

Don’t forget to use your 15% off exclusive code at the checkout: Panka15

Tag me if you’re sharing your experience on instagram or send me a DM how you like it! I always love seeing you using green beauty products!



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