Crude – Oil Cleansing kit review

I find it crucially important to have rituals in our life. As I have shared many times before strict rules and time schedules never worked for me, yet I still manage to have rituals in my life. One of these are my Crude oil-cleansing ritual I incorporated in my skincare routine for about 3 months now.

(Yes, I test skincare products for pretty long since our skin goes through changes and I want to make sure I write you a legit review!)



Here is how I use it:

  • I use a few drops of Cleanse oil and massage it in my skin.
  • To remove oil, I run my Pull towel under warm water than gently wipe my face with it.
  • Afterwards, I use the Detox mask which smells like matcha tea heaven! I only use the mask once a week whilst I happily snack on some chocolate and watch Living Big In A Tiny House.
  • The final touch is, I reapply Cleanse to hydrate.

My opinion:

As I’ve said, I’ve been using this clean beauty treatment for a while now and I haven’t experienced crazy breakouts eversince! Which means not only it is a really effective way to cleanse your face it helps prevent breakouts.
I’m not saying I don’t have any… Guys, when my PCOS decides to rule my world I look like a 14 years old, but eversince I regulary use Crude’s Oil Cleansing Starting Kit it has never gotten out of hand. Few pimples here and there, really nothing extreme!

Also, I find these products are really gentle. After using the mask, you don’t have that super dry, sort of like hospital sterilised skin feeling, rather you have a smooth and soft skin. I am in general a big fan of oils on my skin, somehow I don’t like creams. I believe in oil cleansing, since it works for me well, also the oil functions as my favourite makeup remover too. With the help of the Pull towels I don’t use cotton pads anymore to clean my face or remove makeup, which is a really important step forward in my waste reducing journey.


What’s in the oil cleansing kit?

You have the oil ‘Cleanse’, 3 towels and the ‘Detox’ mask that I highly recommend to my green tea+matcha lover friends πŸ˜‰

If you enjoyed this review or you are excited to try this kit, leave me a comment below. I love seeing your feedbacks!




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