Fun photoshoot with Yvette Cakpo and Station Service

Hi beautiful!

A few weeks ago I had a creative photoshoot with Yvette Cakpo where Station Service provided us some amazing locally and ethically made clothes. When I went to see them in their store on 72 rue Rachel East, I really didn’t know which clothes I should try and what would reflect my style and personality the best, but they were more than happy to help me out with their amazing stylist team. And as you can see the results below, they did a really great job. I love mixing European classy style with something extra and they totally nailed it. I also learnt, that you can rent clothes from them. So if you have an important event coming up, like a Christmas or New Year’s party and you don’t want to buy a 300$ (or up) dress you’re gonna wear only once, this is the perfect solution!



We did the photos in Old Port, Montreal, as it is the prettiest part of town and took some inside pictures in Cafe Tommy.



I love taking pictures with Yvette. It was our second time working together, and we have so much fun together. It feels so natural and I don’t feel shy at all. Yvette makes me feel super comfortable, relaxed and helps me how to pose. Since, I am not an official model, I tend to get stressed when someone is taking pictures of me and looking a little lost too, since I don’t really know how to ‘pose’, but Yvette is supportive and helpful so we can achieve the best looks possible.



Yvette’s professional website:

Station Service:

For the photoshoot I did my makeup and hair only used organic, eco, cruelty-free products, as always. 


I hope you liked this collaboration. I can’t wait to share my next one that is coming sooon!









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