Call to action

I know you are all aware of Australia’s bushfires, but I couldn’t walk away and pretend like it’s just another bad news…

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Today, I call upon my community of 12500 people!

As I have a chance that this might be read by this amount of people I needed to take my social responsibility seriously and remind you, that even the smallest action matter!

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You don’t have to go zero waste all green in a day, just please be aware!

I know this is stressful and the climate change is alarming but there is NO other way.

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I live in the country of snow and cold, it’s January and there haven’t been a real, legit, cold, winter day yet. It is alarming. I do hate cold, but I would rather complain everyday about the -20 than see bushfires in Australia that are the size of Manhattan…

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And yes, let’s make a trend out of going green! Please! I want everyone to go green!

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Ask your favorite influencer to start raising awareness about the climate change! Ask your favorite actors, singers, entrepreneurs, anyone who you think has a voice to speak up to thousands and millions.
Tag them in a climate change post, send them a message and be like, ‘please use your voice to share even the smallest thing about climate change! Do it for us, please!’ or go up to them in person and let them know how much you value their work and you would like to kindly ask them to speak up about the emergency situation.

Your voice matters so let us hear it!

Politicians clearly doesn’t do shit about it.

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Start with the smallest, most convenient step for you. May it be small as bringing reusable bag to do your grocery, switching to clean cosmetic products, quitting smoking, riding your bike to work instead of driving there…


This is the time when we have to re-learn that we can count on eachother.
Instead of shaming eachother for not doing much about this issue, educate and motivate eachother to do so.

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Please release this unrealistic expectations that you have to be perfect or you have to do it a perfect way. There is no such a thing as perfect! You are already perfect, just the way you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here ❤️ and the tiniest action you can do today counts! Big time!
Stop shaming eachother for not being green enough. Let’s rise together, as community!

Be kind with eachother, be kind to all living, be kind to Mother Earth.

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