Outfit and lesson about self-expression

I wanted to tell you guys a story you could learn from about finding your personal style (or in my case refinding it).

I always loved dressing up, styling, color matching, drawing sketches about clothes and all that until one day I convinced myself (after reading a bunch of self-development books that stated a lot of things utterly wrong by the way) that dressing up is not important and it took me a while, but I also convinced myself that being stylish or wanting to dress stylish means that you only live for the outside world and you are desperately seeking to be accepted by others (another bullshit from those not well choosen books…).

It is honestly not easy to share this because it kinda shows me stupid to you guys, but I can deal with it since there is a big lesson in this that others may benefit from too!

So when I was a complete dumbass and dressing like a bad hippy and feeling shit about it silently inside just to be accepted as someone who cares and fights for environmental causes… I shot down myself from this sort of creativity I slowly shot down all my other ways of expressing my creativity too, just you know, to be ‘green enough’…

Oh… what was I thinking? Now I’m laughing on it.

The main point is, whatever your way of expressing creativity freely is, never stop and especially do not give it up just to because you want to belong somewhere and fit in a box! The only people who are inside of that fucking box are the ones who are scared to be happy and free, so please don’t try to belong there!

Another life lesson learnt. Some time passed. And here I am, caring for the environment, yet owning and loving all my natural (and some non-natural too!) beauty products that are in my drawers, wearing whatever makes me happy and comfortable and adds value to my life.
Because that supposed to be the purpose of all our actions in life is to add value to our and other’s life, be happy and all these super simple things!

We took these pictures on the warmest day this week, it was plus 2 outside and since I was wearing oversized pullover I could wear many layers under so I wasn’t cold at all and finally I didn’t have to wear a jacket.

I live in jackets 8 months a year minimum, so it gets pretty boring.

This Kate Spade handbag you could already see on many of my photos, poor thing started to fall apart and I lost the crossbody strap for it, for the second time now, but it is one of my favourite handbags so I keep it until it falls apart in my hand.

I would love to create more content like this for you guys. What do you think?

Let me know please in the comments below, if this is something you like too. Me I love shooting these photos and writing this blog post to you.

Have a great weekend y’all!

Talk to you soon x