Dry shampoo recipe +1 secret makeup trick

This recipe that I’ve already shared in my Instagram stories is so easy yet, so effective!

I tried many different dry-shampoo as I’m one of those people too who hates washing her hair and when it’s super gross still manage to push it a day or two further. Feel me? If yes, this blog post is for You!

Before transitioning to all natural products I used to use baby powder, but it made my scalp itchy.

After that I tried cornstarch but I hate touching it. Like unpainted concrete or dry clay… Or the sound of nails on chalkboard, blah!

So I had to find something else!

That’s when I found my all-time favorite that I can’t recommend enough; arrowroot powder.

I buy my arrowroot powder in the bulk store so not only it is natural, vegan, it is also zero waste! How cool?

The way I use it: I put a small amount in my palm, rug my hand together and try to work it in my hair close to the roots. Repeat if needed.

Since I use small amounts I don’t find that it would make my hair particularly white, but if you have dark hair and it may bother you, you can mix a small amount of raw cacao or carob powder in it so it matches your hair colour more.

+1 secret makeup trick with arrowroot powder: it is an amazing setting powder and lasts long!

I like to use the remaining powder from the cap of my mason jar. Use a blush brush and apply it just the way you would any other setting powder!

Let me know if you found it useful in the comments below or if you have any questions.

Have a great night guys!

Hugs x

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