Ootd & finding your style

This week’s blog and outfit post won’t be so different from last week’s one and expect seeing me wearing all the same things over and over again.

This past months I started to learn what I really actually like in my life and what not.

I’ve never had the chance or mental space or support before to dig deep and find out what it is really that Csilla Panka Kiss likes, for real.

I started with such simple things as figuring out what my actual dressing style is and eventho, it doesn’t seem deep or a big change it was and had so much meaning to me as I could really look around the first time in my life and recognize what I have because I needed them, what annoys me, what’s comfortable, what colors I like and so on.

So this is my recent journey and now I’m gradually moving onto doing the same thing with our apartment.

Other positive side of knowing what I actually like and what is my style is that I’m not going to buy things anymore just because they are on sale or because ‘oh, it’s a pair of yoga pants, I don’t have one, let’s buy it because it’s cheap’ than I go home and never wear it because it was the last pair and doesn’t actually fit me and it’s also ugly AF!

This journey of finding out what I love is also good for my budget and the Earth too.

Totally worth it. Win-win.

I checked each and every item I had in my closet and if I felt nothing or didn’t like them at all I put them in a pile.

I made 3 piles;
1 was charity,
1 that I can bring to the Shwap Club (more about it probably in my next post) and
1 was textile waste I had to bring to the recycling center.

I felt I was rebirthed after!
But I was left with less than what people would call a ‘minimalist’s wardrobe’ and it’s the middle of winter on top…

No shame in the game, I ordered some basic clothes from HM and regretted half of it when the package got here because it was such shit quality. But the other half I ordered were actual nice things.

Than I went to the Shwap Club with my sister-in-law to exchange my never or barely worn clothes to ones that I’d actually enjoy.

So now, after 2 months of trying to figure out what I actually like I’d say my closet is almost complete.

I created a Pinterest board and collected inspirational photos that please my aesthetics.

I feel much more confident in life in general knowing what I like and what I don’t. It did affected my whole life in general as things started to flow to me with more ease as I make decisions and take actions faster and wiser knowing more of what makes me happy.

Such simple things can create big changes.

My outfit today was:
Handbag: Calvin Klein, bought it on Depop years ago
Boots: Dr. Martens
Jeans: Yoga Jeans
Sweater and Jacket: HM

Would you be interested in my Pinterest boards? Should I make them public?

Let me know in the commments below or send me a text x

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