Here is what I want you to know…

When you don’t fit in the box that makes people feel uncomfortable. But personal growth only lies in digging through some uncomfortable stuff, actually, painful stuff.

I had an extremely challenging day yesterday, I’m going to say it… it was a shit day, but still held some wisdom for me. Here is what I found and would like to share with you:

Don’t try to fit in.
There’s no need.
Be your most unique, colourful, true self as possible.

It is such a hard lesson to learn and it may even seems like a cliché, but I believe every word has different depths and theres no such thing as cliché anyways.

I could never fit it anywhere. Ever!
And people hurt me physically and verbally because I made/make them feel uncomfortable. And I’m not going to lie, these events still affect my everyday life as I tend to get super anxious and even worse sometimes…

For a long time I thought there’s something wrong with me and I tried to fit in sooo hard. But I always ended up being unhappy, burnt out, sick and tired. There’s no need for that…

I don’t fit in anywhere so much that the other day I called my mom in panic because I took a psychology test and non of the 4 personality type options were relevant to me. It seems stupid but I thought I’m crazy or there’s something wrong with me.

And guess what? We are ALL unique in our way. It’s US and probably the other traumatized people who created those fucked up boxes around us. They don’t exist!!! They cause more anxiety than comfort. So fuck ’em!

Why we don’t feel entitled to be our unique true self? Why does this society teaches us to always try to be or show we are someone else? And yet, most of he time when we try to be ourselves we get hurt… It makes me so pissed…

Yet, I would like to encourage you all to embrace your create, unique self and be proud that not a single person on this Earth is like you!!!

No matter what you have and what you don’t I find you perfect and I accept you! Fully.

Most of us got terribly traumatized while we tried to express ourselves. Let’s start with getting grades on our drawings in primary school when we are 7 years old.

I mean, seriously WTF.

I can’t see who is it beneficial to and also who that fucked up stupid teacher thinks to JUDGE 6-7 years old kids’ form of self expression… Like seriously, who the F are you to judge self-expressions and creativity anyways?

This can happen at an age as small as you can’t even remember!

There are unfortunately many other ways most of us got hurt and lost their connection to their true authentic self but the main point why I wrote this post today is to start your week with a reminder that you are A M A Z I N G.

No matter what traumas you had, what you experienced or are experiencing, let it be physical or mental pain… You are truly amazing and so loved!

I love you all and thank you thank you thank you for existing… You are all so important!

Even if you are digging through or experiencing some hard times, I just want you to know it.

You got this and you are not alone!

Panka x

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