Breaking up with fast fashion ?

Just as i was about to put another sort of pointless clothing order from a fast fashion company for 200$ something inside of me sent a message… My life is going to end sometime as so for my unborn children’s.

It wasn’t even the part about me that hit me so hard, it was my children’s life that, I, for the record didn’t plan to have for at least the next 5-10 years. One day, their life will be over and the only thing there would be left is the footprint they left on Earth.


Same on my part.

Hoodie: Lululemon from the Shwap Club (second hand) Yoga pants: Puma from fb market Black tee: C&A

This order is so not important. These clothes are not important…

What is actually important for me? What is my purpose?

‘Oh, God… So deep… Leave me alone with these thoughts Life and let me chill… ‘ – I thought.

Than I surrendered to these thoughts and started to wonder how can I leave this Earth to be a better place. How can I do something good? How can I share more love?

The first thing I could apply my thoughts was to see how this purchase wasn’t contributing to what I believe in.

Fuck, it’s hard! I really wanted to have cool new clothes. Did I really? Or I just wanted to have them because others have it too and it is ‘cool’ right now?

Fitting in or making my way… again this!

I quickly remembered that I made the decision long ago about this, as I could never ever ever fit in anywhere… Even if i was trying to so hard.

So I’m just gonna fully rock it from now on and try to do my best to leave nothing behind just love. Starts with not supporting brands anymore who uses child labor and abuses their workers. No, merci!

I don’t know how things are going to be or what am I actually going to do, but things have to change and people have to know that they have a choice.

To leave love behind not only when we leave the surface of our planet.

I don’t want to be accepted anymore, I don’t want to blend in either, nor I’m seeking the love of strangers (or my family). Love means different things to anyone anyways.

And yes, I do break up with impulse shopping from fast fashion brands!

I can’t say that I won’t buy in them ever again, but for no reason, just to fit in and look cool I won’t. Bye-bye impulse shopping and buying crap that if I would logically think over would never wear!

On this note, I’d like to share with you guys my favorite ways and spots to shop your clothes ethically in my next blog post. Who’s interested?

Love, as always,
Panka x

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