So what’s next? – I hate the smell of most thrift stores…

On the note of my latest blog post I wanted to share with you my favorite ways to avoid the fast fashion industry.

I’m not crazy about shopping in general and prefered buying my clothes that are made in more ethical ways, but I still consider taking it a step further is something to be proud of.

We are all aware of thrift stores and the gemstones we can find in them, but at the same time I feel like it requires too much energy and time to find something that’s most of the time not exactly what I like and by the end I only buy it because I get tired of looking.

My other problem with thrift stores is I can not handle their smell… I’m super sensitive to scents and all these shops in Montréal have extremely bizarre smells and makes my stomach upset…

There are plenty of stores in Montréal and you can actually find good stuff in them if you have the patience and doesn’t mind the smell.

Buying from ethical clothings brands may costs you more than shopping at fast fashion stores (not necessarily tho!) but the quality and the fact that you help to provide workplaces that pay their workers a fair salary not a 1$/day (……) and doesn’t uses child labor and so on totally worth that few extra bucks on something that supposed to be an investment anyways.

Because dressing up should be an investment. You should invest in your(self and) clothing (is a way of it) if that is really so important for you. And if you invest time and you shop 1x a week and buy something for 15$ that lasts 2 months you should take a moment and think about it this way: -you spend so much time finding the cheapest option that you could have earned 5x the amount as a salary if you have worked this whole time -by spending 30$ instead of 15$ you can actually purchase quality stuff that lasts years, not weeks -and as I have mentioned before, you support companies who care about their workers

Dress from the Shwap Club

You can actually do your research about the fast fashion industry here. I won’t be sharing you all these horrible stories of child labor and so on in this blog post.

Outside of thrift stores another place you can get some awesome second hand clothes is from Fb market! I got an awesome pair of leggings from there not so long ago. I shared more photos of it in my latest blog post, but here is a photo:

Leggings from fb market, Hoodie from the Shwap Club

Similar second hand options are Depop, Ebay, Poshmark. I’m not a big fan of either of them as I still prefer to get my clothes straight in my hands so I can touch them and try them on instead of receiving them by the mail.

My absolute favorite place to get new (but used) clothes from in Montréal is a place I discovered last year called the Shwap Club. It is the second hand clothing heaven and represents perfectly all the things I believe in as shopping there also gives you a sense of community!

One of my favorite new Shwap Club gemstone

The way it works is by exchange. You bring your clothes you don’t use anymore but are in perfect condition, than they go through them to see what’s actually appropriate according to the season, if it’s clean, good quality and has no signs of wear. They give you the equal amount of ‘credit’ number you can use in their shop as the number of pieces they accepted from you. So, I brought a backpack full of clothes, got 12 of them accepted that they would take and put out in the store. Therefore, I got 12 credits and I could exchange it to 12 other items at the Shwap Club. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Here are my favorite items I got from them!

You can either buy a day pass or subscribe for a year and go as many times as you want to.

I can’t wait to go back!

Other option would be if you want to buy not pre-loved clothings is to choose a company that supports ethical work conditions.

I have tried a few of them and would love to introduce them to you guys in my next blog post!

And I can’t wait to try even more ethical companies now or maybe one day I’m going to have my own (:

This post wasn’t an advertisement I just wanted to share my experience with you and encourage you all to consider ditching fast fashion and instead chose to support sustainable, ethical brands or alternative ways of shopping, like the Shwap Club.

Talk to you guys soon x