Shaming each other's quality choices …

I could never understand those people who who critisizes and refuses their fellow folks’ wisdom.

I hate when someone gets shamed because where they find wisdom in a sentence or action others couldn’t and call them cheap or shallow.

I try to always tell you guys how things have many layers to them. Same apply to the word of wisdom.

A quote might have depths for me and not for you. Vice versa. It is perfectly okay.

Just because something doesn’t resonate with you right now or you feel you outgrew it, it doesn’t mean it is not true and helpful for someone else.

Instead of shaming others and calling them shallow be proud of their progress and if you feel you can contribute to their growth than support them instead of shaming their progress!

I got shamed in high-school by my literature teacher because I found wisdom in a book that she found cheap quality just because it wasn’t written like a poem written by a hungarian already dead drug addict in the beginning of the 1900′. She shamed me in front of the whole class!

I felt stupid and that my feelings are not valid. But that time, that particular book held me so much wisdom. And it could, even now, eventho I changed so so much!
It would give me a different aspect of wisdom, but it would still give.

And that is the most important part that my teacher missed and so many people out there who shame eachother for not chosing the same quality as them, that it doesn’t hurt anyone not having the same need for quality, more, it only adds value to your life and make you happier! If it fills your heart, gives you a sense of relief, clarity, whatever it gives you, it gives! Period.

So stop judging others because you only show your true qualities with it!

wanted to put this post-yoga photo out there, because yoga may be a good example too as something that has many depths and people like to be opinionated and mean about it

That’s all that matters. It contributes to your life.

This applies many aspect to life! From doing your makeup, through playing an instrument to moving your body the way it makes you happy.

I could really go on forever and tell you how a glass of wine can give so many different experiences or anything really but I guess you already got the point.

And these people who judge you… Well, they are taking away opportunity of growth from their own life! So don’t even listen to them. They miss out on the opportunity, while you give a chance to growth and see many layers in life and become a better, happier person meanwhile!

Be happy. Be fulfilled by whatever gives you this feeling.

So much love.

Panka x

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