What I eat in a day – quarantine edition

Most of the time you can see this sort of content on YouTube and I used to have a channel but it was incredibly frustrating for me that I couldn’t provide good quality videos as I don’t have the knowledge nor the equipment for now for it. So I stopped and I won’t return for at least a while. Maybe one day.

I asked you guys in my Instagram stories if you’d like to see a few videos with recipes and so far, I think this was the most popular poll I did! So many of you have voted for yes that it blew my socks off!

Right after I was brainstorming what would be the best way to share it without spamming you all with 963948587 videos in my stories I decided to keep it as short as possible there and write more details down here on my blog as I have plenty of place to do my blablabla here.

One thing I said at the beginning of the videos, if you watched it, was that I don’t do any diets nor follow dietary restrictions.

I just go with the flow. I eat what feels good for my body and mind. I don’t have the pressure to look a certain way. I am completely comfortable taking up as much space in the world as I want to. Luckily, I don’t have health problems either that would force me to have a certain diet. So I consider myself pretty damn lucky.

There is only one thing that affects my eating habits, is that, I always try to buy local ingredients.

It doesn’t mean I never buy a banana or nuts or spices, but when there is a local product available, I prefer to chose that. For example, there are green houses in Montreal that grows tomatoes all year long so I prefer to support them by buying their products.

It is important to me to support small makers and growers and support my local economy for many reasons and I hope more people will do the same too.

But today is all about meals and recipes so here they are:


First thing in the morning, I like to drink a glass of water than make coffee. As of food, 90% of the time I have homemade granola with yoghurt or plant based milk and fruits.

We always make our granola at home. It takes very little time and effort to prepare, you can flavor it the way you want to and you can get all the ingredients in the bulk store to avoid plastic packaging. Most of store bought granolas contains scary amount of sugar and other unnecessary additives and ingredients so making yours at home is the easiest way to avoid these.

ingredients from the bulk store to reduce plastic waste

Recipe: Preheat the oven to 250F, spread the ingredients (exclude dried fruits) on a pan. Depending on the amount you are making add some coconut oil or butter or even a mix of both, honey or maple syrup and a pinch of salt. Cook it for about an hour, mix it once or twice meanwhile to make sure it gets nicely toasted.

The other 10% of the time I have pastries or bacon+egg classic for breakfast.

homemade granola with nut butter, shredded coconut, banana and a pinch of cinnamon


I usually have lunch pretty early, around 1 pm and I like to have a light meal. Most of the time a big bowl of soup, sometimes salad, or when I’m in a hurry a panini or a toast.

Today I made a super fast and easy mushroom cream soup that is also a really healthy option.

I have previously shared in my Instagram stories that I always make my broth by simply collecting vegetables cuts in the freezer until I get enough to make a big batch. Sometimes I add bones too. Depends what leftovers or cuts I produce throughout the months.

I put these scraps and cuts in a big pan than add water and salt to it than simmer it throughout usually a whole afternoon. Once it’s ready I strain it. Let it cool than freeze it to always have it handy.

vegetables scrapes I collect in the freezer to use them for broths

Recipe: For this mushroom cream soup all I did was poured one of these jars of frozen broth in a pan, added some garlic, miso paste and mushrooms I got from my husband’s farm, boiled it together than blended it and Voila! Easy, fast and nutritious.

As a topping today, I used nutritional yeast and parsley.


In the afternoon I like to have some sort of snack and depending on the day a tea or coffee. Today I went with some chocolate from AlterEco. But sometimes it’s a fruit salad bowl maybe a Cliff bar or a small portion of the leftover from lunch, haha.


For dinner it’s either me or my husband who cooks. Tonight is was him and he made roasted Brussels sprouts, enoki and piopino mushrooms, green onions, walnuts, sizo and asian styled sauce (fish sauce, vinegar, rice vinegar, red-eye chili).

Recipe: Roast the brussels sprout in a pan than add the other ingredients and the sauce and toast them over high heat for a few minutes.

We are not vegetarian but we prefer to eat vegetables most of the time and make asian, indian or mediterranian inspired dishes.

We also really enjoy to go out for dinner and prefer to have bar food over fancy meals. Tacos and beer over oysters! Definitely!

I will keep sharing recipes in my Instagram stories and save them under my ‘Recipes’ highlight if you guys need some more food inspo.

It was so much fun to show you what I eat an average day when we stay at home. When it’s not quarantine time and we have to work I do a fun meal planning for the week that allow us to save money and time. Hope I can show you guys that too soon!

If you have any further questions regarding recipes or anything you want o know more of just leave it in the comments below, I’ll come back to you as fast as possible!

Stay safe! And we got this!
Have a good night guys x

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