My name is Panka and I created this website to be your number one organic, natural, sustainability guide.

I am a professional makeup artist, nail technician, esthetician and I also do hair too, basically I am a walking salon since 2014.


Not just beauty and fashion, spirituality was always a part of my life from the early ages, thankfully for my amazing Mother and her tribe. But just like for so many of us, my life changed direction so as my habits and mindset when I hit puberty, I started to work against myself so hard that I ended up with panic attacks, depression and hormonal problems caused by stress and lifestyle. In 2013, I reintroduced sport to my life and tried to eat as clean as possible, but it didn’t help much, since the purpose of it was to change my physical appearance, not to love and honor my temple. In 2015, I moved to the other side of the world and this brought beautiful changes in my life. I got that big ‘AHA moment’, when everything started to make sense. I went cold turkey and switched all my mainstream cosmetics to cruelty-free and organic ones and started to work with these on my clients. Today, I am only working with vegan, organic, eco brands and I only offer my services using these kind of ‘green’ products.



Trying to be more sustainable affected all areas of my life not just work life as a makeup artist. At home, we are trying to create the least waste possible, we compost, we prefer homemade of everything over store-bought ones; we have a vegetable garden, we make our bread, cleaning products… you name it! Also another biggie, we completely quit the fast fashion industry. All the clothes me or my husband’s wearing are either second-hand or purchased from a sustainable brand. 



Overall, I have two jobs:
First, to create quality content on social media platforms and help honest, ecological brands to continue their environmental conscious work.
Second, as an organic makeup artist, which stands for working as a normal makeup artist, but only using organic and non-animal tested product.

I’m really proud to be in service for Mother Earth and do things that are for the environment and humanity and not against them!

As you have probably guessed by now or you are already following my instagram, my hobbies are travelling, connecting with nature and reading.


Leave a comment or send a text if you have any further questions. I would love to answer them!