About me

Hello dear!

I started my career as a professional makeup artist, nail technician and I also did hair too, basically I was a walking salon since 2014.

I started to work only with natural makeup products after I found out there is a connection between all the toxic cosmetic products I used and work with and my health issues.

Because of this eye-opening discovery I transitioned to non-toxic beauty products as a makeup artist and step-by-step created a more environmental friendly lifestyle where I work on reducing overall waste, having much fun experimenting with DIY techniques, turning myself into an ethical fashionista, supporting sustainable restaurants and travelling the most eco ways possible.

I turned this lifestyle change into a blog where I worked together with many amazing conscious, clean brands as a makeup artist and so as a blogger here in Canada and in Hungary too.

Do you have a question? Shoot me an email and let’s chat!

I’m happy you are here!