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My Dears!

Here are my favourite zero waste products, actually the ones I use the most and are essential to lower my waste production. I am really aiming to achieve to become fully Zero Waste one day, but in the meantime I am trying to do my best, step-by-step, day-by-day, reducing unnecessary waste.

As I am on my journey, and as I said, I am not Zero Waste yet, I will keep you guys updated how my transition is going. You can come and hangout with me on my instagram.

My ZW living starter kit essentials:

#1 BYO glass jars and containers

If you buy pickles or whatever it is that comes in a mason jar, just clean it and keep it for later. These jars are your best friends. You can bring them to get your coffee, tea in bulks or really whatever. If you worry about the weight of the jar, it’s easy, just use the TARE button before you fill on your jar.

Also when you don’t want to cook at home and you are craving take-outs, bring your container with you and asked them kindly to serve you in this. Therefore you can avoid a lot of plastic waste. This is the container I have and bring it with me if I buy take-outs. If they don’t want to fill it for you, just tell them you have plastic allergy. It will work!

#2 BYO reusable shopping bag

I have plenty cute shopping bag, my favorite one is from Paws Angel Montreal Rescue. With that purchase I supported my local cat rescue group, the ones I adopted our cat, Mojo, from. Choose organic cotton ones, ones that support a good cause or you can easily fix up one at home out of clothes you don’t use anymore.

#3 Get a water bottle

Feel a bit weird that in 2018 I still have to lobby against plastic bottles but please, stop using them! Go with the simplest one, without straw and tiny pieces. Those one gets used faster than the ones you can clean easily. Get something like this below. (I have one with avocados on it and it says ‘avocuddle’, I’m crying it’s so cute.)

#4 Coffee mug

Talking about drinking… Did you know that the lid of your coffee takeaway is not recyclable? That is why you need one handy. I’ll show you mine. It’s made out of bamboo and silicon. Bamboo composts, silicon is recyclable. And you have to admit, it is much much cooler if you are walking around with a funky colourful take out mug. There are foldable ones too, so not having enough space in your bag is ain’t no excuse anymore.

Note on this. Do not let the cafes fool you with their ‘disposable’ take out cups. It is green wash and a whole lot of BS! Just sayin’.Β 

#5 Produce bags

I have a few of them but I will try to make some at home too out of unused textiles. Why not? With this you can easily put your fresh package-free veggies and fruits in a bag without using any plastic packages. Easy, right?

This one is made out of recycled PET and plastic bottles.

#6 Get a biodegradable toothbrush

Have you ever thought it over what you’re toothbrush is made out of and how many times you throw it out and get a new one? What do you think where they go because they don’t disappear from earth that is for sure! (and they don’t get recycled either honey, sorry to tell you). Be a cool person and get yourself bamboo toothbrushes that you can throw in your compost and nature will do the job for you.

#7 Food wraps and replacing those resealable Ikea plastic bags that can be found in every household. You exactly know what I’m talking about!

There are abundance amount of options to get rid of any sort of plastic food wrap in your home. These are my 3 favourite alternatives.

-Silicone food storage bags

-Beeswax food storage wrap

-Silicone stretch lids

+1 Get a farmer’s market basket!

There is no particular reason, since reusable cloth bags work well too, but these baskets are just so adorable! You can find these beauties in thrift stores or here:

Ps. If you can make custom handwoven baskets please send me a message because I will buy one from you no matter how much it is! I AM SERIOUS HERE. No need for Gucci if I can get a farmer’s market basket with my monogram in it. EXCUSE ME!

Ps2. I am definitely getting these for me and my future daughter… OH MY HEART!

So here… I think these are the most essential ‘zero waste’ items if you would like to get on the journey with me.

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Much Love and Kindness,