What does ‘green living’ means to me?

It is so hard to put my thoughts in words about this topic, because it can mean so many different things to so many different people and that’s cool.

I wanted to write about this more detailed than usually, so I can try to show you how I feel and share my passion with you. Earth Day and Fashion Revolution week is coming which are great reminders to take action on saving our planet and I hope this little post will get you in the vibes!

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Green living as a lifestyle in one sentence for me: it is offering to change the quality of your life and encourage other’s to do so, which has a positive impact on Earth and every living creatures of it.

My story: I wrote down my story about how I completely changed my life the past few years. But a short version is, that I moved to Canada where I couldn’t work for quite a long time because of the immigration process, so I got stuck home alone and I had time to observe my body and my life more, to really connect with myself that I couldn’t before. As a makeup artist, working with many harmful chemicals a day I developed some sort of asthma and eczema, until the point where everything started to make sense, that all the products I worked with, I cleaned my home, my body and so on, were toxic for me and for my environment.
It absolutely freaked me out first, because things I considered ‘normal’ turned out to be bad for me. My whole world was upside down. I threw out EVERYTHING from my house that contains toxic ingredients. Yes, my makeup kit too… You have no idea how much something like that costs, except if you are a fellow MUA. Than I stopped being interested in makeup and everything I was my whole life.
I tried to make everything at home from scratch, eliminate plastic from our life, eat organic only, buy nothing and I really became extreme… but than I’ve found an organic mascara on our trip with my hubby to Toronto and something inside of me shifted. I discovered I can still be a makeup artist without hurting animals and put toxic products on myself and my clients. I created a green beauty instagram under ‘Green Beauty by Panka’ and restarted my career as an Organic Makeup Artist. Everything was going awesome but something still felt ‘off’… I realized that, I really miss a lot of things that helped me fully express myself from the times when I was a ‘brainless consumer’. I was trying to find an alternative for everything in my life to replace it. I stopped not buying anything I desired! Rather, I changed the quality of it!
That was a turning point where I had to face with the ugly truth of fashion industry too, but this time I didn’t freak out. I did my research, googled everything I was curious about, even the most heartbreaking things and I’ve found that it is not so hard to take a few eco-conscious decisions that makes a big impact on Mother Earth on a long run without missing out on anything I truly adore.

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Green Living as a lifestyle for me means:

♡I am trying to create the least waste as possible, avoiding food packages and everything you only use once.

♡I buy my food organically, but most importantly trying to find locally grown ones.

♡I think twice: ‘Do I really need this? – hesitation also means ‘no’.

♡During summer, we try to grow some of our vegetables with my husband. It is so much fun and go google the mental and physical benefits of gardening!

♡I cook at home and I don’t buy any ‘ready-to-eat’ packaged foods. The only things are ‘ready-to-eat’ in my fridge are the fresh vegetables and fruits. Sometimes I do buy pasta that comes in a package or nutrition yeast and so on, but I am trying to keep these items on minimal.

♡Trying to avoid the use of plastic in any conditions.

♡Buying dried ingredients in bulk. Bringing my own compostable bags.

♡I choose local and small businesses! I like when I know my money pays for someone’s lunch instead of the 5th luxury house in The Hamptons.

♡I work with organic, cruelty-free, eco-packaged cosmetic products and I encourage other’s to do so.

♡I research. Everything. And I make my decisions according to what I find. If it doesn’t align with my truth, I do NO money exchange for it. Because money is like voting for something you believe in.

♡I am not vegan, but if I buy some meat occasionally or eggs I buy the ones that were raised on a farm in good conditions, fed according to their optimal diet with organic foods and were not in a cage. I research the farm too.

♡I recycle and compost. If something comes in a package it shall be recyclable at least.

♡I wash my clothes in cold water and never run the tap for no reason.

♡I invest in high-quality clothes and accessories instead of ‘fast fashion’ ones, or I go to the thrift shop. If I can’t use my clothes anymore I sell them on Depop or I bring them to a recycling center or I donate them.

♡I make my own everything that I can, from household cleaning products through sauerkraut to body oil.

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There are so many other things to do, but right now, this is how I feel the best with doing all these. Maybe my list will go so much longer soon, but changing your lifestyle is not an overnight thing. It is a reminder for myself as for you too: do not rush yourself! Allow yourself to celebrate every small step you are making towards living more sustainably, because you are doing something wonderful for Mama Earth, to yourself and to every living creature!





PS. I don’t want to go so deep in this, but I see so much tension on social media about who is living ‘greener’ or who is more ‘ethical’… This is not a competition. Please save this drama for yourself and accept that not everyone is the same as you. Please be happy for your own success and do everything you do out of love! Reflect love! Be love! You are loved!