Why sustainable fashion?

Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. And that is not all!

The fashion industry affects many areas like; water, waste, toxic chemicals, energy and human lives!

Before we dive in, let’s ask yourself why do you need so many cheap clothes? What does OWNing these items give you? – I’ll give you the most common answer, it makes people feel rich! But the end of the day, you forget about the 3 dollar shit you bought because it was too cheap, so it will never make anyone feel rich just because they wear something cheap that has blood on it! The blood of the garment workers dying because of their work conditions, farmers who lost their lives due to the toxicity of pesticides they use on cotton, kids who breath that air and unborn babies who will be born with health issues and conditions… Still want that 3 dollar shit make you feel rich? The only reason you want to buy these clothes is because they are cheap! You don’t even need them!

There used to be 2 seasons in the fashion industry, now a new ‘season’ start every single week. This is the age of fast fashion and let me show you why it sucks.

Who makes your clothes?



a $25 T-shirt will only become $1.35 more expensive if we double current worker wages
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Leather and faux leather




Cotton is the ‘dirtiest crop on Earth’ because it is so heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides and 94% of cotton grown in the US is GMO. Than they bleach the hell out of it. It takes 2700 Liters of water for one single t-shirt. Non-organic cotton is also linked to cancer, poisoning and miscarriages.

Always choose organic cotton! 

The reason why we got this far that this industry is the second most polluting one is because we forgot to ask questions! We forgot we have the rights to ask questions and receive and answer to them.

I hope I could give you a little ‘overall’,  for further information and to do your researches I  attached a few links that I find the most useful on the topic.









The words you have to look for when you purchase your next clothing:


12 words that accurately describe the crux of my business proposal, that of a sustainable solution to the market that is FASHION, by implementing ethical, sustainable solutions to the environmental issues today by using techniques such as hand making, upcycling, organic, fairtrade and zero waste methodologies.
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